Industrial Keyboard Video Overview

Overview of Hope Industrial’s line of industrial keyboards at the International Poultry Expo 2011 in Atlanta, GA.

Stay tuned for more product demos.

Configuring a Fully-Enclosed Universal Mount Monitor – Part I

Sometimes it can get confusing making sure you have all the right parts for a fully-enclosed Universal Mount Monitor configuration, so we’re going to break down the main components to help make your decision a little easier. A complete Universal Mount Monitor configuration consists of the base monitor, a cable exit cover plate, and a mounting option, as well as any additional options including keyboards, PC enclosures, and KVM extenders. Our rear cover plate options give users access to internal connections without compromising NEMA ratings. We offer a variety of cover plates to meet the needs of each customer, and we’ve described them in detail below (our mounting options will be described in Part II). Continue Reading…

Website feature: Industrial Monitor Ratings, Compliances, and Certifications

For today’s post we are going to feature some of the deeper content on the Hope Industrial website. Among other things, our Support section includes several pages on industrial ratings, compliances, and certifications as they pertain to our displays and touchscreens.

Industrial Display NEMA / IP Ratings Overview – this page outlines what is probably the most important feature of our products to many users: environmental exposure ratings.

Our displays and touchscreens are used in almost any conceivable industrial environment from soft-drink syrup plants, to tire manufacturers, to chicken processors. Each of these applications has a NEMA or IP exposure rating that must be met. Continue Reading…

IPE 2011 Monitor Sightings

We just got back from the International Poultry Expo (IPE) that went on right here in Atlanta.  There were a lot of great booths at the show, but it was especially exciting to visit those that had our monitors displayed.

One booth had multiple Panel Mount Monitors incorporated into various machines.  One 19″ Panel Mount Monitor was mounted in a detection system machine that spots any bones or other contaminants in the food products.  Another 19″ Panel Mount Monitor was integrated into a machine that uses water jets to cut and size poultry.

ML19 monitors in various processing machines

On the left, our ML19 in a bone detection machine. On the right, another ML19 as part of a waterjet cutting machine.

Continue Reading…

Introducing the New Hope Industrial Systems Industrial Display Blog!

Welcome to, a new service presented by Hope Industrial Systems, Inc. to provide our customers with up-to-date news and information on industrial displays and touchscreens.

This website will provide an exciting new forum where we can discuss everything from solving common customer issues, to new product information, to the latest developments in the industrial HMI field. Continue Reading…

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