Industrial Monitor Compression Gland Cable Exit Plates

Cable Exit Cavity on Hope Industrial's Universal Mount Monitors

Universal Mount Monitor Cable Exit Cavity

A common problem for any fully enclosed NEMA 4/4X, IP65/66 rated display is exactly how to get the cables in and out of the enclosure while maintaining a water-tight seal. This problem has been approached in a variety of ways by equipment suppliers, but usually the solution involves either conduit, some sort of compression gland, or watertight external connectors with custom mated cables.

Compression Gland Cable Exit Cover Plate

Compression Gland Cable Exit Cover Plate

At Hope Industrial, we have found that the best solution is to provide a variety of solutions, and to let our customer choose which works best for their application. To support the approach, we have designed a standard cable exit cavity that is the same on all of our Universal Mount fully-enclosed displays, along with a wide selection of “cover plates” that are interchangeable. Today’s post will discuss the newest of these options: the NEMA 4/4X (IP65/66) Compression Gland Cable Exit.

The principle behind this option is nothing new: cables are passed through a rubber gland which is inserted into a sealing cavity, with a means of compressing the gland to seal the cables to the cavity. This approach has a lot of benefits:

  • It is easy to install in the field
  • Cables can be easily removed, replaced, or repositioned
  • No special cables are needed; anything in the specified diameter range will work
  • A full, water-tight, wash down seal is easily achieved

Our design incorporates all of these benefits into a cover plate that fits the standard rear opening of any of our Universal Mount Industrial Touch Screens. To install onto a display, the user must simply remove the rubber gland from its housing, remove the rubber stoppers from the pre-cut cable exit holes, push cables through the slits, then install the cover plate and tighten the compression screws. For a better idea of how this works, see the images below.

Compression Gland Cable Exit - Rubber Gland Installation

Compression Gland Cable Exit – Rubber Gland Installation

Compression Gland Cable Exit Installation

Compression Gland Cable Exit Installation


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